ProxLinux 3.25 based on Ubuntu 16.10 is currently under active development. You can stay up to date with my progress here.
The current stable version of ProxLinux is v3 based on Lubuntu 16.04. Read more here, or download here.

Fellow ProxLinux Community:

we – the leaders of this young and yet very enthusiastic community – have to put out a less joyous statement…
Over the past couple of days we’ve been looking into the project and we must admit, that there won’t be any future for ProxLinux as it is right now. Hence, we’ve decided to give ProxLinux a temporary break to re-evaluate our goals and foremost our options. Our plan is to “rise back out of the ashes” like the bird Phoenix always does in the movies.

So – What’s the plan then?
That’s a very good question! We’ll need the downloads to be unpublished due to technical issues that need to be looked into. Second: we’re going to put some work in the re-design of the web-page / forum. And last but not least we’ll have to recruit contributors because assembling a distro of Linux isn’t that easy as eating a pie for example.

Do we know how long all this might be taking?
Most certainly not. As both – Kris and Silverlion – are bound in day-jobs, this project will take place in their fee-time. But Kris adds “For us it is more important to re-launch ProxLinux poperly then instead overpowering our luck with an unfinished project that you – dear users – won’t be able to use productively.” Deputy Head-of-Staff Silverlion agrees: “We’ll be back when we’re ready for it. Time is not of the essence. We do want to enable people to enjoy our Distro!”

Will we be available for support?
It is our goal not to forget about users of ProxLinux who currently are working on a stable version of ProxLinux. That’s why we’ll keep two ways of communication open:
a) our IRC Channel via
b) our Facebook Community via

Of course we do hope to be back online within a reasonable period of time to present our latest version of ProxLinux!

Sincerely yours
Kris MacGuire
- silverlion -


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